Petrokemija d.d.

“Petrokemija” dd from Kutina is one of the most significant and respectable mineral fertilizer factories in the region and an indispensable strategic pillar in the agricultural production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and other countries. This was precisely the reason why the company “Rapić” established a cooperation with “Petrokemija”, which has started back in 1997 and continues without interruption until today.

From the position of importer and distributor of “Petrokemija” for most of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company “Rapić” continuously provides the most important mineral fertilizers of the mentioned factory, such as NPK 15:15:15, NPK 7:20:30, KAN 27%, UREA 46% and so on and also further distributes them on the market to end users. The mentioned fertilizers have become a synonym for top quality in the agricultural production of local farmers, where they have found application both in growing crops, as well as in fruit, vegetable and all other forms of plant production.

Whether it is professional or agricultural production for personal needs, “Kutinska” fertilizers are the only choice in our area.

For more information on the offer and possibilities of purchasing “Petrokemija” mineral fertilizers, please contact our commercial advisers:

Professional counseling
Branislava Vidović
„Rapić“ d.o.o.

B.Sc. Eng. of agriculture
Branko Popović

„Rapić“ d.o.o.