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The company nurtures a long family tradition, which already lasts for almost three decades. Our journey started back in 1990 with the founding of the parent company, and since 2001 we operate under the name “Rapić” doo. Gradiška. From a small, family business, we have grown into a large and successful company. On the path of development, our company went through the transition from the founding generation to the successor generation.



Today we are a respectable brand, synonymous with quality and reliability. With almost 1000 satisfied customers, we are one of the leading companies in the country and region for the production of animal feed. In our development, we were engaged in trade and import of agricultural products from “Petrokemija Kutina” and hybrid corn from “Zemun Polje”. We believed in success and elaborated plans for the future because the role of the founder is not only the longevity of the business but also of the family. Starting with only several, today we have more than 100 employees among which are the best young professionals from different areas. Driven by the idea of offering the best quality of the final product to the market and customers, in 2010 we built a factory for animal feed. We began with production as early as the following year and starting from 2014 the plant was called “Farmofit”. An agricultural pharmacy and shipping work today within the company.



“Farmofit” is a well-known brand today and our factory a leader in the production of healthy and quality animal feed based on domestic raw materials which we buy from local agricultural producers. Our production facility has a capacity of 20 t/h of finished product and every year we also have overall growth in production. We deliver our products to farms throughout BiH, while our bags of “Farmofit” animal feed can be found in all well-supplied agricultural pharmacies across the country. The quality of our products is the cornerstone of our existence and growth, as proven by the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 standards, the HACCP system and Halal standards. As a team of professionals, our committed work helps change the local development of agriculture and animal husbandry and we want to nurture a long-term, reliable and equal collaboration with our partners, in order for them to recognize that we are a partner they can accomplish their goals with. For more information about the Factory of animal feed “Farmofit” visit the web site: http://farmofit.ba/



Pharmacy “Rapić” is engaged in wholesale and retail. In our pharmacy, you can get mineral fertilizer, seed corn, animal feed and various tools for machinery and equipment for the household.

Since 2018, we have expanded our offer for fruit production and interested fruit growers now have all necessary fungicides, insecticides, herbicides available as well a necessary mineral fertilizer that is used in fruit production.

Also, there is our team of experts and engineers who are available with helpful tips related to
production in fruit growing, crop production and livestock husbandry.


The Rapić company has run a shipping company for its own needs. The shipping company operates at the Gradiška border crossing. With the closing of the main shipping company, Agra, shipping activities are redirected to the internal needs of the company in order for all the necessary raw materials and imported goods to arrive at our warehouses in record time.

Our shipping company has an international certificate from “FIATA” that is the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations with the headquarters in Zurich.

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Vojislav Rapić

 General Manager

Milan Rapić

Commercial Director

Lazar Makivić

Technical Support

Jovana Kisin

Quality Control Manager

Dejan Šnjegota

Production Manager

Brana Vidović

Procurement Manager



Put srpske vojske 69

78400 Gradiška

Phones: +387 51 835 199, 835 454

Fax: +387 51 835 304

Email: info@rapic.ba

mr Vojislav Rapić, MA, B.Sc. ecc
Email: rapicv@rapic.ba